Wednesday, January 25, 2017

EtOH's Drafthouse 2 years later...

Well, it's coming up on two years now since we signed papers and started the interior work on EtOH's and I still get a lot of people that tell me that they heard about us from here, or used to read my blog. I've learned A LOT in that time and felt like sharing how things have grown or changed from when we first started to now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Final Review: EtOH's Drafthouse

12/26/2016: Jeebus. It's been 2 years since work started on EtOH's and what a ride it has been. If you're seeing this random update then know that I plan to put together an update on how the last 2 years have been. Hopefully by the end of January!

     Well, I'll have to be honest right from the start. This review isn't really a review as it would be horribly biased. You see, around May of last year (2014) we decided to look into opening a bar in Daegu. Over the months we refined our concept, decided what to serve and how to serve it, and of course looked for locations. Finally in December 2014, we got a call from a realtor who thought he had a great space for us. We checked it out, thought that it had potential, and construction began. Here we are in April 2015 and me and my wife have opened EtOH's. So instead of my usual review, I decided that I would just walk through some of the features of our bar/pub and explain some of the decisions we made and why we made them. This will likely be the last post for Dumb in Daegu.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cooking: Daegu Braised Pork

     If you're looking for something other than turkey for the holidays you might want to try something that's readily (and cheaply!) available in Korea at every corner butcher shop, braised pork shoulder! If you've never braised something before, it's super easy and the recipe is extremely forgiving, so feel free to make substitutions or leave things out if you don't have them (except the meat). I love this whole technique because you can use it to make about a hundred other dishes (Kimchi Jiggae perhaps?). Just change up your meat and/or braising liquids. All you need is a single large pot and a single burner. For this dish I used things that remind me of Korea and Daegu, namely beer, soju, and apples. Here's what I used.
  • A pork shoulder (you can just use one, but I was cooking for eight people so I used one and a half)- "Moksal" in Korean
  • One bottle of soju
  • Good apple juice (not too sweet, go for 100% not from concentrate if possible)
  • Beer (I used Hite, but use whatever)
  • Onions
  • Apples
  • Garlic

Friday, November 21, 2014

레스토랑 리뷰: 미즈컨테이너

오늘 소개해드릴 레스토랑은 동성로 삼덕소방서 뒷편에 있는 미즈컨테이너 입니다.

Restaurant Review: Mies Container

CLOSED: 12/26/2016 (It didn't close on this day I'm just updating the blog on this day)
 I'd heard good things about Mies in the past, but I've walked past this place about a million times without ever stepping foot inside. Why is this? Because they serve "fusion" food. In my personal experience Korean fusion is far more often a miss than a hit, so I guess I kind of just wrote the place off without ever giving it a chance. Luckily though, we happened to be downtown at lunchtime the other day and I figured it was probably the perfect time to give Mies a shot.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Restaurant Review: Boogie Burger

CLOSED: 12/26/2016 (It didn't close on this day I'm just updating the blog on this day)

     After hearing about how Boogie Burger is the best burger in Daegu for several months now, I finally had the chance to stop for lunch with DumbTwo the other day. So is Boogie Burger all it's cracked up to be? Yes. Yes, it is.