Monday, August 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: SeaHouse (Gyeongsan Location)

     SeaHouse is a Daegu based seafood buffet franchise with four locations around the city. Full disclosure, I love buffets and will usually never pass up the opportunity to go to one that I haven't been to before. I always try to eat more food than my bill is worth to ensure that I'm getting a good deal, even though my stomach hates that plan. I've been to SeaHouse many times in the past but this is the first time that I've been now that I have this blog up. Can it possibly compare to the Boccaccio Brau gold standard?

     The interior of SeaHouse (at least the one I went to) is very nice. It's bright, open, and there is plenty of seating. The vast majority of seating is on chairs, which I appreciate as it lets me get to the buffet and back to shovel food in my face as fast as possible without bothering the people who I've been trapped in a booth with.

The 400cc beer is a pretty bad deal, but the pitchers are a bargain!

     Ordering is a snap since the only thing you'll want is the salad bar (which is actually the buffet) but if you really want to spend 50,000 won on a lobster then hey, be my guest (don't do it). I'm guessing no one ever actually orders anything on the menu since they didn't even bring one to our table. They just asked "Do you all want the salad bar"? We answered with a resounding yes, and it was off the the buffet!

     There were plenty of things to choose from even if you don't like seafood. I absolutely destroyed their braised ribs and then proceeded to eat about 50 chicken wings while drinking a bunch of beers. I was perfectly happy with my caveman meal of meat on bones, but the true star of SeaHouse is the sushi. They have a sushi chef constantly at the station slicing the fresh raw fish for you to enjoy with dipping sauces, as well a another chef rolling the fish with rice, Japanese style. There was another chef on standby at a steak station and the salad bar also had crab legs and... oh! I think there was actually some salad too! They also had serve yourself fountain drinks, fresh squeezed (so they say) juice and a nice coffee machine for you to use if you don't feel like ordering beer.

     The food quality was good, the selection was decent, the music was weird (we heard Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch" twice while we there for two hours). All in all SeaHouse wasn't doing anything wrong... It's just that for the price there are so many other options, including Boccaccio Brau, which easily bests Seahouse in every category. I would only recommend going to SeaHouse if you don't mind the price and want to take a break from Korean food for a night, although Boccaccio Brau remains the King of Daegu buffets for now.

Final Review: 3.0/5.0   Not bad, but for the price Boccaccio Brau includes all you can drink microbrew and live music. Have you heard about Boccaccio Brau? You should go there.

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Location: SeaHouse has four locations across Daegu although the one I went to was technically in Gyeongsan. Here's the Gyeongsan location, the others can be found on their website for Chimsan, Suseong, and Chilgok

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