Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nightlife: Long Life

UPDATED : Long Life has become a makgeolli restaurant/hof. I hope to have a review of the new place soon!

      Ok first of all Long Life is a hof, not really a bar but more of a pub, you go to a hof to drink, but they also have a full menu of food that you're meant to order and share at the table. Hofs are quite common in Korea, but the long life has a couple of nice gimmicks going for it that really set it apart from the rest of the crowd. Namely giant beers. Cheap giant beers.

     The beer comes in long glasses in 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, and there are pitchers available larger than that. Sure you can save money with the pitchers but then you wouldn't be able to make use of the amazing refrigerated beer holders that are built into the tables. Yes you read that sentence correctly. Let's look at some more pictures.

Here are the 500cc and 700cc together.

Here they are in their amazing holders. These things can get COLD.
     They are definitely doing that right. Keep in mind that it can be a little tricky drinking from such a large glass, if you aren't careful you could end up soaked in beer. Being a hof, Long Life also has a full menu of some delicious sounding food. Here are the last pictures.

This page is pretty straight forward, We ordered the long chicken on the upper right.

I translated this page since I felt that the pictures could be confusing
And here's our "long chicken" upon arrival
     The long chicken wasn't that long, more of a standard size, but it was delicious. Chicken and beer are a pretty amazing combination and even though chicken isn't the Long Life's specialty it really hit the spot. There's just an amazing feeling of contentment sitting outside on the balcony, watching people walk by, drinking beer and eating chicken. It's going to get cold soon though, but they have plenty of seating indoors so check out Long Life anytime of the year.

Final Review: 4/5  Long Life is the perfect place to relax with friends and have a good conversation.

Location: Long Life is located downtown near Banwoldang station. It's between Gallery zone and cell phone street. It's on the 2nd floor of the same building as Traveler's Bar. Here's a map.

View Dumb in Daegu in a larger map

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