Thursday, October 31, 2013

Restaurant Review: Dos Tacos

CLOSED: 12/26/2016 (It didn't close on this day I'm just updating the blog on this day) 

      I found myself downtown rather unexpectedly on a weekday running errands, with only 45 minutes to spend on lunch before I had to hit the subway, I wanted something fast and delicious. Luckily, Dos Tacos was there to provide.
     Dos Tacos was the second Mexican restaurant to open in downtown Daegu and is currently my favorite. I still have to go back to Rock N' Tacos to give them another chance, but it wouldn't be fair not to talk about Dos Tacos first.

      Dos Tacos is rather small, but I've never seen the place full or had to wait for a table. I think this is partly due to the location, if Dos Tacos was on one of the main streets I'm sure it would be packed. The food here is good. The interior is casual, just a step up from a fast food place really, but I don't mind. Let's check out the menu. (I just now noticed how bad these pictures of the menu are, I guess I really do need to start taking my new camera with me everywhere. You can check out the full menu online here, but it doesn't show prices.)

     You should hopefully be able to make out the main entree names and the prices. The first page picture was completely unusable. Sorry about the smaller text, I swear the stupid cellphone camera was just trying to spite me for leaving it for my new camera. I'll change these shots out when I get a chance. ANYWAY, so my personal favorite here is the number 10 burrito, which is refried bean and meat, it's your choice of meat and I usually go pork or chicken but they have beef and vegetarian options are available as well, such as the number 9 refried bean and broccoli burrito. Let's look at some more pictures.

     Here's your basic hard taco, well made and super delicious. A little expensive by itself (3,500 I believe) but you can get a set of three for a slight discount or go for soft tacos if you want.

     This is the quesadilla set. This was the first time I ordered this and I got chicken and pork. I really liked it but thought that there was perhaps too much cheese (it sounds impossible, I know) but the hot sauce and sour cream went perfectly with it, keeping from tasting too oily. As a side note, the hot sauce here is awesome. They give a small bottle of it with most entree orders and I usually end up using most of it.

     Yes they do take out as well. I got this to go for dinner later, it's the refried bean and meat burrito. The burritos here are pretty hefty and one by itself is good for a light meal, I however can't control myself around Mexican food and also got...

    The flautas (or taquitos if you prefer) were packed with their component separated. I really appreciate the thought because if they had packed them like they serve them in the restaurant everything would have been a soggy mess.

     Again, I really like the food here. Other things I think are really good are the nachos and ensalada (taco salad). The margaritas are good as well, if a little pricy. The service is quick too, it was probably only ten minutes between ordering and receiving the food. I think they need to set up a burrito cart and hit the main road just a few steps away from the shop, or even hit the bar street late at night. I would be on that over Star Kebab in a minute.

Final Review: 4/5  This is the best Mexican food that I've had in Daegu so far.

Location: Dos Tacos is located next to the north side parking garage exit of Debec. Here's a map.

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