Friday, November 14, 2014

Restaurant Review: Boogie Burger

CLOSED: 12/26/2016 (It didn't close on this day I'm just updating the blog on this day)

     After hearing about how Boogie Burger is the best burger in Daegu for several months now, I finally had the chance to stop for lunch with DumbTwo the other day. So is Boogie Burger all it's cracked up to be? Yes. Yes, it is.

     The menu is simple and everything is in English and easy to understand.
There were also a few daily specials on the board in front of the restaurant. I had to order the "Meat Lover's Burger" while DumbTwo went for the original "Boogie Burger." We also got an order of regular fries to share.

     The "Boogie Burger" Is a burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato, but DumbTwo asked for fresh onion as well, which is a free add-on. This burger was excellent. The patty was perfectly juicy, the bun was toasted, and sauce was in a perfect amount. All in all I think this is the most delicious basic burger in Daegu. If I had to find a negative, it would be that the burger is a little on the small size, but for 6,500 won, I don't feel like it's overpriced at all. The french fries really added to the meal though and DumbTwo was very full when we left. If you're super hungry you could always order two, or one of the bigger burgers on the menu, such as...

     The "Meat Lover's Burger" was exactly what I wanted it to be. Three patties of beef with three slices of cheese topped with bacon. What a delicious heart attack this is. Again the bun was perfectly toasted, the patties were perfectly juicy and the bacon was nice and crisp. This is a burger that I would order again and again, if not for the fact that really want to try the "Greedy Burger" next time.

     The "Regular Fries" are anything but. They're well seasoned and very good. Not soggy at all or overly oily. I think that these are probably some of the best fries in Daegu as well. We were glad that we didn't each order fries as a single order of fries is a good amount for two people.

      So, in case I didn't make myself clear before, I'm a huge fan of Boogie Burger. Best in Daegu? I believe it is. Best in Korea? Definitely within the top five, only at a few other places will you find a burger to compare, and at this level of burger craftsmanship (burgership?) it really comes down to personal preference. I only wish this place was bigger. In case you didn't notice from the exterior shot, this place is small. Very small. There are only five tables in the place with only two of them being able to seat four people. I've heard that seats can be a rare commodity on weekends but take out is possible if you don't want to eat in or wait for a seat.

Final Review: 5/5  Make the effort, and try out Boogie Burger.

Location: Boogie Burger is located one block north of the building that Traveler's Bar is in. It's right across from a motel. I've marked it in our map.

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  1. Sounds like the kind of place we'd ask you to show us if we ever get a chance to visit!