Friday, November 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: Mies Container

CLOSED: 12/26/2016 (It didn't close on this day I'm just updating the blog on this day)
 I'd heard good things about Mies in the past, but I've walked past this place about a million times without ever stepping foot inside. Why is this? Because they serve "fusion" food. In my personal experience Korean fusion is far more often a miss than a hit, so I guess I kind of just wrote the place off without ever giving it a chance. Luckily though, we happened to be downtown at lunchtime the other day and I figured it was probably the perfect time to give Mies a shot.

     Several things stood out on the menu such as the Salad Platters and the Chicken Barbecue Platter, but they seemed rather expensive, and the menu gives absolutely no hints as to what might be on the platter. Actually most of the menu items tell you very little as to what you might be getting when you order. What's a HI-FIVE Pan Cheese? Who knows! Yes, to be fair I suppose I could just ask what each and every ambiguous menu item was but that's hardly fun. We decided to play it safe (and cheap) for lunch by ordering the Seafood Cream Risotto and the Hot Bulgogi Tomato Spaghetti. Oh, and beer of course. What's a meal without a beer?

     I was a little wary when I first ordered the beer, I mean 3,300 won for 300ml of Cass? The beer materialized on the table almost instantaneously however, and it was served in a nice frosty mug. It was at this point that I also noticed their "midnight menu" where The beer is much more reasonable 2,500 for 300ml or 4,500 for 600ml from "9 p.m. to late night." I can get behind that. Both dishes arrived pretty quickly after that.

     If you're looking for an authentic risotto... keep looking. This is basically some rice in a cream sauce covered with cheese. I'm a sucker for cream sauce though and this cream sauce was quite nice. Oh, and CHEESE! Honestly, I was ready to tear this dish apart for being the perfect example of bad fusion food, but we actually both rather enjoyed it.

     This is a good example of fusion done right. The bulgogi was not the marinated bulgogi style bulgogi, but rather just some thinly sliced beef. The tomato sauce was spicy, but not overly so. Oh and did I mention the CHEESE? Yeah it seems that Mies has a real cheese fetish going on and I don't fault them for it one bit.

     The portion sizes were huge as well. We finished about 3/4 of the spaghetti and about 1/2 of the "risotto" but we were just too stuffed to continue. That's some good value for the price.

     So would I come back for another go at Mies? 100% yes. I'd actually really like to try out their "midnight menu," so next time I want to grab a late dinner before making the rounds downtown Mies will definitely be in mind. Oh and quick note, you order and pay for your food up front at the counter. Don't be like me and try to flag down one of the enthusiastic waiters, they'll just pretend that they can't see you. Service was otherwise phenomenal.

Final Review: 3.5/5   I'd give this place a 4, but I want to check out more items on the vague menu before I commit to that. That said, I'll definitely be back.

Location: Mies is right next to Hanshin Pocha/Who's Bob on the bar street. I've marked it on our map.

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