Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

    If you you wanted to tell me about somewhere or something that's new in Daegu then please leave a comment here! You can recommend a cool place for me to check out, or just go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong about something! Feel free to tell me what YOU would like to see on the blog. More restaurants? More bars? Something else entirely, such as Korean language lessons? Let me know! Negative/unproductive comments or spam (i.e. "you suck" or "buy shoes at ...") however will be removed.


  1. Nobody comments on mine either, So recently, i've been trying to ask the readers a question related to the post and suggesting they share their opinion in the comments below. No luck yet though. Bunch of lurkers.

    At least you're getting pageviews though, maybe you'll have better luck. Love your blog btw.

    Just a little tip, you can get rid of the orange blogger logo at the top tab. In the dashboard go to layout>flavicon>edit and upload a logo, like my "R"

    1. Thanks for that Sean, I never even noticed that. It doesn't really bother me, but I think I'll go ahead and do something about it anyway. Your blog is pretty nice too!

  2. Fairly new to Daegu, so more restaurants! Maybe also how to say what you ordered in Korean. I did learn Hangul but I need more practice. I liked the chicken gizzard alley blog too.

  3. Hi,

    Really like the blog. Very good just to get a quick overview of what's on offer in Daegu. I'll be moving there next month, so I'll try to check out some of the things you mentioned.

    I agree with the above post - it would be great if you could do something on Korean restaurant survival phrases for those just getting started.

  4. Sounds like a plan. I'll try and put something together.

  5. This is an awesome blog to look up any infos about Daegu. I have no once been to Daegu but I would definitely find out more here before I go. Great job.