Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nightlife: Ho Bar

UPDATE: Ho Bar has been replaced by the 1karat bar. No idea what the inside is like now, but I'll try and swing through there again sometime soon.

     Curiosity got the better of us once again and we just had to check out the hos at the Ho bar. Ho bar is apparently a rather large franchise operation offering a number of bottle service options with some decent looking side dishes. They also have a very large selection of bottled beer and cocktails. The menu was so big in fact that I decided not to post the pages and pages of it here. But, lucky for me you can check it out here on their website. The website won't tell you the prices however as they vary from region to region, but the cheapest liquor set was in the neighborhood of 40,000 won with a draft beer set for 25,000 won. Prices can go up quickly from there though depending on the bottle that you are buying. Some of the sets did seem to be pretty good deals though.

The bar is pretty slick
      We didn't really feel like eating anything so our group went for some cocktails. Most of the cocktails cost a reasonable 6,000 won and if you prefer beer then they have Korean bottles for 3,000 won with imports ranging between 5,000 and 10,000. Everyone at our table ordered a white russian (because they are delicious) and we all agreed, Ho Bar gave us the best white russians that we had ever had. I mean these things were perfect, The Dude would abide.
     The Ho bar has a TON of seating, aside from a small area at the front that's set up for dancing, and a dartboard that's also in the area set up for dancing the place is packed with seats. As for the music, our table was a little torn, half of us thought that it was a little too loud, while the other half thought that it was ok. They played a lot of electronic/techno dance music that was very catchy although one song consisted of the word "sex" repeated about a hundred times, leading me to loudly fake whisper "I think this song is about sex."

Here's Rich debating whether Ho Bar is a club or a bar.

     If you like the energy of Thursday Party but not the music, or just love high volume music and bottled beer, then you should check out Ho Bar.

+ Lots of seating
+Decent cocktail prices
+Perfect cocktails
+ High energy atmosphere
= No smoking in evidence
= Music is loud
- No draft beer apart from in a set

Final Review: 3.0/5    Ho bar is worth checking out at least once.

(About the review scores)

Location: Ho bar is downtown on Dongseong-ro 4-gil (Rodeo street/club street). Here's a map.

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