Monday, August 19, 2013

Restaurant Review: Hanshin Pocha (한신포차)

     Pocha style restaurants are becoming more and more popular these days. However, Hanshin Pocha has a reputation for being one of the most famous and highest quality pocha style franchises in Korea. I recently had the chance to go and see what all the fuss was about.

     A pocha style restaurant mainly caters to people who are drinking soju with their food, but beer is available too of course. Hanshin Pocha's menu isn't very large item-wise but it is very large picture-wise, so you should have no trouble picking out something that looks good even if you are Korean-impaired. I took a picture of one of the pages so that you can see what I'm talking about.

     Click here to see the full menu on their website (different categories are on the left). A lot of things looked really good but we decided to get the stuff that was on the sign in front of the restaurant. After all, if they put them on the sign, they must be the best, right?

Spicy chicken feet

   The spicy chicken feet (한신닭발: hanshin dalkbal) is Hanshin Pocha's specialty dish, this is thing at the top of their menu that most people come here for. If you've never had chicken feet before, they are usually served in a spicy sauce and these are no exception, Hanshin Pocha's sauce is HOT! The chicken feet themselves have their usual chewy-crunch-pop-cartilage texture, but the sauce is what makes  them special. After you finish the chicken feet you can order some rice to mix with the sauce to make your own fried rice (볶음밥: bokumbap)

Tomato sauce omelet
     The second dish we ordered was the tomato sauce omelette (토마토소스 계란말이: tomato soese gyaeranmari) which was absolutely awesome. It's pretty much your standard Korean omelet only it's been stuffed with a tomato meat sauce. It was fairly large, but we we so hungry and it was so good, that it lasted about five minutes at our table.
     Hanshin Pocha's food is great. The only thing that we had issue with was that they didn't have any beer on tap. You had to order it by the bottle. This wasn't really a huge issue since you are meant to primarily drink soju at these kinds of places, it just seems that with pretty much every other pocha style restaurant offering draft beer Hanshin Pocha was a little behind in this regard.

Final Review: 3.5/5.0  Hanshin Pocha is pretty good, but draft beer would be nice.

(About the review score)

Location: Hanshin Pocha is located on Dongseong-ro 3-gil on the first floor of the building next to Thursday Party. It's the same building that has Who's Bob in the basement and MF Bar on the third floor. Now that I think about it, you could spend your entire evening in this one magical building. Here's a map.

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