Thursday, September 5, 2013

Restaurant Review: Primo (Yulha Location)

     Primo is one of Daegu's more well known Italian restaurants, having seven locations across Daegu. Primo makes all of their pizza on a thin crust that "pimek" (피맥) fans will love. What's 피맥? 피맥 is the combination of the Korean words for pizza (피자) and beer (맥주) and refers the delicious combination of both. Well, if there's one thing I'm sure everyone knows by now, where there's beer, I'm near.

     The interior of Primo is nice and modern, it's well lit and clean and service was prompt as well. But enough about all of that. I was here to get my 피맥 on!

        Luckily Primo's menu is in both English and Korean so ordering is simple. For this trip we got a salad, a pizza, and a pasta to try out. As for the beer, I just went with Cass, good old reliable Korean beer.  Service was very quick with our salad arriving in about ten minutes with the pizza and pasta arriving about five minutes after that.
Cajun Salad
Pane Pasta
Garlic Chicken Diavola
      The salads have two sizes and we went for the large. It was great. It would almost be enough to work as an entree but I think it's better off as a starter for 3-4 people. The pasta wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best I've had by a long shot, it was however very filling, thanks to it being served in a bread bowl with tons of sauce. The breakout star of Primo's is definitely the pizza. All of the pizzas are served on a thin crust which is great when drinking beer (피맥)  as you won't feel bloated like a thicker bread style crust would make you feel. Due to the fact that the crust is so thin however I wouldn't recommend sharing a pizza between more than two adults. We had three people, but we all shared the salad and pasta as well, so we were stuffed. I think that next time though, we'll just come and order two pizzas and a ton of beer.

Final Review: 3.5/5  If the prices were just a bit lower we would come here a lot more often.

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Location: The Yulha Primo is locatated just south of LotteMart (and Yulha station) on the road heading south from the center of Lotte mart. Here's a map.

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