Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down in Daegu: Chicken Gizzard Street (똥집골목 : Dong Jip Gol Mok)

    Daegu has a lot of interesting places, but I must say that I hadn't heard of this one until just the other day. 똥집골목 (Dong Jip Gol Mok) translates to "chicken gizzard street" and is about what you would expect, a whole street full of chicken gizzard restaurants.
Chicken Gizzards on the left, chicken gizzards on the right.

The place on the right's name means "Chicken Gizzard Headquarters," while the place on the the left is "The Big Headquarters." There must be an interesting story here.

More chicken gizzards.

And more...

     Well you get the idea. After walking around the street for a while we decided to head back to "The Big Headquarters" (큰 본부: Keun Bon Boo) to get our fill of chicken gizzards. If you aren't a fan of chicken gizzards, then you can still have a good time as most of these restaurants also serve fried chicken or braised chicken stew (찜닭: Jim Dalk) and plenty of cheap draft beer to wash it all down.
     We went for the half/half chicken gizzards (반반똥집:bahn bahn dong jip). When you order anything half/half like that, it means you get to have your order split in half and done two different ways. So we got ours half fried, and half sauced (튀김반/양념반:tuwikim bahn/yahngnyom bahn).

Mmmmm... Gizzardy...
      If you haven't had chicken gizzards before, they are quite chewy. They have a texture similar to cartilage but slightly more tender. They weren't bad, and you won't know if you don't like something until you try it. We quickly finished the plate and ordered another one, along with some fried chicken this time as well.

Also half fried/half sauced.
     The chicken was great too. South Korea is home to some amazing chicken. After we finished our meal it was time to say good bye to the big headquarters and chicken gizzard street. I know that I'll be back though, and next time I'll check out one of the many other gizzard restaurants to see which one is the best. Remember that you can always get some chicken and beer if you don't want gizzards. Check out Dong Jip Gol Mok!

     Location: Dong Jip Gol Mok is located just west of Daegu Fatima hospital, next to Pyong Hwa Market (평화시장: Pyong Hwa Shijahng). You can ask a taxi driver to take you to Dong Jip Gol Mok and they should have no problem finding it. Here are a couple pictures for reference.
My back is to the entrance of Dong Jip Gol Mok when I look at this building.

To the left is the start of Dong Jip Gol Mok

And here's a map.

View Dumb in Daegu in a larger map

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