Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nightlife: Thursday Party 1

They open the front in good weather.
     This is the original Thursday Party in Daegu, and from the upbeat music and party atmosphere, it's easy to see the success that has led to their expansion. With the driving bass, Thursday Party is the perfect place to go if you're looking to get in the mood for a night out. The music can be a dividing feature though playing mostly American top 40 with a heavy emphasis on hip-hop, if that's your thing though, you'll find it here, and it's loud. It's loud to the point where you'll have a difficult time talking to other people at your table. Sometimes that can be good though, depending on your company.

You won't be able to hear the TV, it's mostly a decoration.

We were here at about 7:00, thus the emptiness.

     It's easy to come in and grab a table early in the night, but it starts to get pretty packed after about 10:00, so be prepared to stand until you see a table open up. While you're standing you can line up to play beer pong, Foosball, or at one of their two dart boards. Getting a table is where it's at though, as you can order drinks from your table as opposed to trying to fight your way to the bar. They also provide some addictive bar snacks for your munching pleasure.

Fried spaghetti and (curry?) popcorn.
   As for the drink selection, you'll find pretty much everything under the sun. They have a ton of imported bottle beers as well as several different beers on tap. The one negative is that they don't serve a standard 500cc glass, but rather a smaller 330cc glass for 3,000won. This is a pretty bad deal when it comes to beer and we'll usually stick to cocktails which are a much better value for their price.

+ Music creates a good atmosphere, very high energy.
+ Beer pong, Foosball, and two dart boards provide entertainment.
+ Possible to order from the table.
+ Good bar snacks.
+ Good selection of beers and cocktails.
+ Pay upfront.

= Music sticks to American Top 40.
= No smoking inside.

- Mini-beers.
- Music is a bit too loud
- Can get very crowded. (DumbTwo insists that this is a plus)

Final Review: 3.5/5   Have a beer here and check it out. It might be right up your alley.

(About the review score)

Location: Thursday party is located downtown on Dongseong-ro 3-gil (the bar street). Here's a map.

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