Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nightlife: Who's Bob?

     Who's Bob? is tucked in a basement and only has a simple sign to declare it's existence among the the other bars on Dongseong-ro 3-gil. It was just enough to lead me down the stairs to try and answer that question. Apparently the name is just supposed to be for fun and to draw people's interest... Well it worked for me, so they're doing that right.

     That's not the only thing that they are doing right either. The bar is cozy with a few tables along the wall and about eight spots at the bar. All of those seats are usually full by 10:00, but you might get lucky as a lot of people prefer to stand around the bar or the games, and there is a ton of standing room. They also have a dart board, a Foosball table, a beer pong table, and a pool table, so there's always something to do if you are so inclined.

     The laid-back atmosphere is nice. The walls are painted with some excellent Pink Floyd album covers and the lighting is dim, but not bumping-into-stuff dark. The music selection is very eclectic and you could hear anything from 80's music to... well anything really. Most importantly, all of it really comes together to give the place some soul. This bar can come to feel like it's YOUR bar after only a few visits.
     They have your standard amount of beer and cocktails, all at great prices as well. You can get your standard 500cc Korean draft beer for 3000won and most of the cocktails are priced at 5000 or 6000. The cocktails are poured generously and when DumbTwo had a problem with one of the cocktails, the bartender was quick to fix it, no questions asked.

+ Great prices
+ Laid-back atmosphere
+ Good music

= Smoking is allowed

- Not a lot of seats   

Final Review: 4/5    If you're looking for a chill space to have a few beers, then Bob's your uncle.

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Location: Who's Bob is located on Dongseong-ro 3-gil in the basement of the building next to Thursday Party. Here's a map.

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