Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nightlife: GoGo Vinyl

     On any given weekend in downtown Daegu you're sure so see people walking around drinking from what appears to be a plastic bag. Well, they are plastic bags and they contain some of the best cocktails in Daegu, nay, THE WORLD. "But where can I get one of these miraculous bags" you ask. There are several places available now, but for the original you need to go to GoGo Vinyl.

     Did you know that open container laws in Korea only apply to glass bottles? This is why beer is sold in giant plastic pitchers and even soju also has plastic versions. This way people can drink in front of the local convenience store or at the park without worrying about broken glass causing a hazard. But what about cocktails? Well GoGo Vinyl has the answer, just put it in a sturdy ziplock bag and drink it with a straw. Could it be simpler? Nope, this idea is pretty golden.

     With a few (cheaper) exceptions every cocktail is a reasonable 5,000 won. And tequila shots for 2,000? That's dangerous. Also check out that bottomless cocktail deal, anything over four cocktails and you're drinking for free. Nice. There is space for about six or so people to sit inside the place but this is a take away place at heart. People will often hang out in front of the place and have impromptu get togethers in the street. If you don't finish your cocktail before you go into another bar but feel that it would be rude to bring in outside drinks (which it is) you can just fold the straw, put it in the bag and zip it up. I carried my bag upside down like this while walking to the subway station as a test and it didn't pop open or leak out or anything, so I'm sure it would be safe to put into a bag or purse as long as you don't put a cantaloupe or something heavy on top of it (don't do that).
Witness the birth of a masterpiece.
Final Review: 5/5     This is what they should mean when they say "one for the road."

Location: GoGo Vinyl is located downtown right around the corner of bar street  on Dongseong-ro 4-gil. Here's a map.

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  1. Awesome! I was there before and I believe I had a delicious white russian.

  2. This review never mentioned whether they use real vodka, gin, tequila etc. Or the Korean brands. Personally I can't touch Korean alcohol especially the spirits and find even cheaper foreign brands to be way better. Beware of what Koreans call vodka, gin and tequila!