Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nightlife: Bonggu Beer (봉구 비어)

      What's this? A new beer place in my neighborhood? It has a such a delightful and attractive sign as well! A walk up bar in the front? Wow the interior is nice too! Creamy draft beers? British style chips? Yes, yes, and yes, to all of those things. I was pleasantly surprised to walk past Bonggu Beer the other day and had to check it out.

     Walking up to Bonggu Beer we immediately noticed the bright yellow sign and walk up bar, they also have a couple of tables in the front if you'd like to enjoy the weather. The interior of Bonggu Beer is very cozy, I think they could probably seat 20 people max. There are only two tables in the place, and a bar that runs around the three walls in the back. The tables have dividers up to try to set it up so couples can share a side but if you have a group of four and the table is free the divider can be easily removed. If you have a group of four and can't get a table, or you have a larger group then you can all sit along one of the walls but your conversations will be limited to whoever is next to you. Bonggu Beer is mainly set up for couples, although I could see three people easily sitting along a wall together. Plastered around the place are signs that tell you that smoking is only allowed outside, which is a good move since a small place like this would probably be entirely filled with smoke if just a couple of people started. We also noticed that the tables had holes in them. The holes appeared to be there on purpose, hmmm what could they be for? Why, the chips of course!

     You can't call these french fries, these are thick cut, British style chips. They come out hot, wrapped in a paper cone and you set them right into your table. You get to choose two dipping sauces to go with them, we have tried four of them and I must say that the onion dressing, sour cream, and ketchup were all great. The sweet chili sauce, not so much. Would you like to see pictures of their full menu? Then please click here. That's right, they only have four things, chips, fries, a giant cheese stick, and crunchy dried fish chips. I like that. If you're going to do something, focus and do it right.

     There are a couple of combos that you can get that are perfect for two people. I think the best one is the 감치맥 세트 in the lower right which will get you chips, cheese stick, and two cream beers for 11,500. The cream beers are just regular beers with a very thick creamy head on them and they will only run you 2,500 for 500cc. I actually took my beer picture after drinking the beer (sorry) so if you want to see a picture of the beer in its heady glory then go back and click the link to the menu pictures. All in all this place is cheap, delicious, and well suited for groups of 2-3 people.

Final Review: 3.5/5 Great for couples and third wheels. I wish they could handle larger groups.

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Location: Bonggu Beer is located in Yulha square, which is in Yulha. They are a franchise so maybe you'll start to see some more pop-up but for now here's a map to the Yulha location.

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  1. there's one downtown across from Caliente. Neat place! often no seats tho :)

  2. Thanks Sean, I haven't been over there for a while, I'll check it out when I get a chance.

  3. Thanks for this post. I too live in Yulha-dong and I'm always looking for places around the neighborhood to get beer. Going downtown is always a secondary option for me. I'm excited to try Bonggu but I can't seem to make out its exact location for the life of me! Pls help! Just posting walking directions is cool, because, as I said, I literally live in Yulha.

    1. Hi Troy, It's in the open part of Yulha square, on the south side of the road that Emart Everyday is on. If you're facing the entrance like in my first picture, then you would be able to see the large Emart building looming behind it. If this is still confusing then just walk around the block of shops/restaurants that Emart Everyday is on and you'll see it. Yulha square is in the southern part of Yulha, closer to the park than to LotteMart. You might need to zoom the map out a little bit to get your bearings.